The Great 2022 Wedding Date Race

bridal suits

The race is on to book a wedding date in 2022. Due to covid19 there are limited dates available, here are some tips when looking for a venue for 2022.

Tips for your wedding day

L&T 9

You’ve planned your big day for months, everything has been done to the T, everything is done, and everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Yet, for some reason, you can’t seem to shake the nerves. And to be honest, that is OKAY! Here are a few tips to keep the nervousness at bay […]

Love in the Time of Corona: Booking a Wedding During a Global Pandemic

The Magic of Love - Lize & SW

Weddings may have been postponed or cancelled for the next couple of months, but love hasn’t.  I had an enquiry yesterday from a couple that got engaged over the weekend, and it got me thinking, even though we are all sheltered in place right now, life still goes on.  People have birthdays, anniversaries and couples […]



Budget, budget, budget. Whether you have been married for ten years and had to deal with budgets then, or only recently started your wedding planning journey, your wedding budget will always be present in all the decisions you make. No two wedding budgets are the same, just as no two couples getting married are the […]

What not to forget when planning a wedding

What not to forget when planning a wedding

He popped the big question and of course you said YES!! At long last you can take your secret box of wedding planning out from under your bed, which you’ve had since you were about 8 years old, and you can commence on the journey of planning your most special day, your WEDDING DAY!! Soon […]

How to plan a simple wedding

Lezar & Chrissie Botha - Love in Abundance

There is a common misperception that a simple wedding is cheap or lacks aesthetic value. To tell you the simple truth, this is one of the biggest myths of the wedding industry. I even want to go so far as to say that planning a simple wedding should rather be “Making planning your wedding simple”. […]

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