Tips for your wedding day

You’ve planned your big day for months, everything has been done to the T, everything is done, and everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Yet, for some reason, you can’t seem to shake the nerves. And to be honest, that is OKAY! Here are a few tips to keep the nervousness at bay and help you fully enjoy your special day.

  1. TRUST: Trust encapsulates a few areas.

Firstly, trust yourself and know that the effort and work you have put in has covered everything and is more than enough.

Secondly, trust your service providers and the arrangements you have made with them. They are professionals and you chose them for a specific reason.

Lastly, trust the venue and its team to bring your day to life in spectacular fashion. It is what they do for a living.


  1. COMMUNICATE: Although communication with service providers is important before the wedding, communicating with the venue and its staff, as well as with guests bringing or arranging certain aspects of the day is equally important. Good communication will not only ensure that the day runs smoothly but it will also ensure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and you can be calm knowing that everything is sorted according to your preferences.


  1. BE PRESENT: Believe the people that tell you – “before you blink it’s over”, because they are telling the truth. In between emotions, celebrations, well-wishes and all the excitement, time does not stand still. Enjoy all these emotions and take it all in. If you feel overwhelmed or happy or sad, feel all the feelings and don’t bottle it up, because somewhere in the day it will all bubble over if you don’t. Take in the special moments with a sibling, a friend or a parent before the ceremony or while getting ready as these are the moments that you’ll remember. And once you start interacting with your guests, even if it is tiring or your aunt wants the 30th photo of your dress, spend the time and enjoy it BUT remember to take time for you and your love. You will only have this day once and experience these emotions once, so be sure to take the time for just the two of you.


  1. BREATHE: As simple as this is, always breathe. Not only does a deep breath in and out bring you to the present moment but it also gives you the opportunity to take a moment, compose yourself and rather respond than react. It will also help to calm your nervous system and experience a situation for what it is.


  1. ENJOY: Above all things, this is the most important thing of it all! Enjoy every moment, take it all in and remember that if something goes wrong, only you know exactly what you had in mind and no one else knows what should have been.


This might sound easier said than done, and perhaps it is but in the bigger scheme of things, it all comes down to you only having this one special day and your approach to it, will influence the success of the day! After all, LOVE WINS.

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