Everyone loves a good special right!?

Here you will find our specials we are currently running on our wedding venues and accommodation.  There are specials here that will make even your coupon toting Ouma proud.

For more info on any of the below specials, please contact us at info@deuijlenes.co.za

Specials cannot be used in conjuction with one another

Winter Wedding Special

Both the Nightjar venue and Old Barn & Forest venues are set up for cosy winter weddings here at De Uijlenes.  We are running our annual winter special again for the months of June, July & August 2021

Old Barn & Forest venue: 20% off for all June, July & August 2021 weddings

Nightjar venue: 20% off for all June, July & August 2021 weddings

Our winter dates get snapped up quickly, so make sure you book before you miss out


Midweek Special

Midweek weddings are always filled with so much love and emotions.  If you want to make sure only the people you truly want to be at your wedding come to your celebration – then have a midweek wedding!  You 3rd cousin, once removed from your Great Grandmothers far side of the family wont dip into his annual leave to come and celebrate with you, if you were getting hitched on the weekend he’d be on it like white on rice.   The people you love will ALWAYS make a plan and be there for you and to see you make that giant leap into marriage-hood.

Midweek weddings are a great way to save a few bucks too, and with 20% off for weddings held from a Monday – Thursday, why wouldn’t ya?

Not applicable for December/January holiday season.


Last-Minute Special

Just do it and be merrily married I say!!

Every now and then we have a weekend available that just doesn’t get filled and if you are a couple that doesn’t want a looooong engagment then we truly are a match made in heaven.  Contact us within 8 weeks of saying I do to see what dates we have available and get a whopping 40% off of the venue fee.