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De Uijlenes team

Wedding coordinator

Belinda van der Merwe

Belinda joined our team to coordinate all of the weddings here in the Old Barn & Forest venue in 2018.  Belinda and her husband Johan are both originally from Pretoria and after a 6 month stint in India, started their own coffee brand and service together here in Gansbaai.  Johan is often seen at our weddings making espresso for the guests, helping out Belinda (we can’t clone her, so Johan is the next best thing) and enjoying the slower pace of life here in Gansbaai.  Belinda is always two steps ahead of our clients so they never need to ask for anything, it just happens!



074 119 2171



Belinda 2
Belinda van der Merwe
Riana & Ricardo
Riana Deventer & Ricardo Tobias
Cleaning girls
Our Super Cleaning Team

Reception & Accounts

Riana Deventer (Accounts)
Riana is our accounts manager, she is a numbers guru and loves a puzzle. Originally from Wellington, Riana has been with us since 2015.


028 388 0551

Ricardo Tobias (Reception)

Ricardo has been here at De Uijlenes since 2015 working in the kitchen, been an awesome nanny to the boys, then working as 2IC of the cleaning team.  In 2019 Ricardo joined the office staff as the receptionist.  He is a friendly face and always a help to both the guests and clients, as well as the rest of the team here at De Uijlenes.


028 388 0551

House Keeping Managers

Nicole & Eden (Left)

Nicole and Eden are part of the dream team that keep everything looking amazing and making sure the venues are ready before the guests and clients arrive for their celebrations.  They are always willing to work the extra hours over our busy season so everything is done in time.


Mornay & Charmain Fourie
Mornay & Charmaine came to us in November of 2013 from running their own catering company Red Pepper Catering. They have since become part of the family and are now a fixture here at De Uijlenes. Charmaine is ‘camp mother’ here at De Uijlenes, she is always fixing a problem, putting on a plaster or caring for an animal. Their food really does have that extra serving of love that makes everything taste so good!


028 388 0624

082 061 9812 (Charmaine)

082 411 8877 (Mornay)

De Uijlenes - Chefs
Mornay & Charmain Fourie
Flippie Staci and boys
Flippie & Staci Groenewald

Bookings & Marketing

Staci Groenewald

General Manager

Flippie Groenewald
Flippie is the 6th generation on the farm here at De Uijlenes, taking over from his parents in 2010 with his kiwi wife Staci. Their boys Neel & Patrick are also a regular site on the farm helping out in the kitchen, in the bar, on the farm or with cleaning or maintenance. Their daughter & sister to the two boys, Pippa, arrived in April 2019.  

The dogs Pepper, Fila, Bobby & Sushi are also part of the furniture and are often seen photo bombing the wedding photos. 

What started as an idea has since turned into an amazing way to share this piece of paradise and meet some pretty freakin awesome people!

Staci: admin@deuijlenes.co.za 

076 484 1135

Flippie: flippie@deuijlenes.co.za

072 413 9718

Team De Uijlenes

The rest of the team is made up of some amazing humans that are the oil to the machine that is De Uijlenes. We have a dedicated kitchen team that turns up with a smile for every wedding and a cleaning team that keeps everything looking amazing wedding after wedding. Then our garden, maintenance and farm guys are working hard all year to keep the outside and buildings in tip top shape.

De Uijlenes Team 3
De Uijlenes team 2

Decor, Lighting & Cakes

Christien & Nel form what is Husband Wife Team.  They are our local supplier of flowers, decor, lighting, cakes & hiring for the weddings here at De Uijlenes.

Before going off on their own, these two amazing humans were the coordinators here at De Uijlenes, so they know what works, what doesn’t and will be able to make your celebration look freakin’ amazing!


082 304 1380


Christien and Nel
Christien & Nel Schrecker