Wedding Venues

De Uijlenes is a rustic farm and forest wedding venue. We strive to be as authentic and natural as possible to ensure that your day is as real as it can be. We have two wedding venues on the farm and both have an intrinsic natural beauty.

Outside night lights

Log cabin romance and rustic bliss, this one takes some beating. Natures beauty really does provide an awesome backdrop and gives a very natural and relaxed vibe to this venue option for smaller more intimate, alternative weddings. The Nightjar venue achieves what it sets out to do, but being totally different from the rest.

Forest Chapel Ceremony

Woodland wedding awaits! This is an enchanting secret forest ceremony spot that wont fail to get your heart fluttering as you enter through the gates and meander along the forest aisle. Exchange vows under the leaves of a giant oak in the depths of an indigenous forest and surrounded by a sea of white arum…