When to book your wedding venue?

In this crazy world of weddings, it is easy to miss out on the venue of your dreams.  So, when should you book your venue?

With more and more creative couples like you looking for a unique venue where you can be your quirky self and your guests can be truly relaxed, venue pursing should be your priority – especially if you are not flexible with your date.

It’s no secret that cool, kooky wedding venues that offer an entire weekend of celebrations are not only hard to come by, but they get booked up super quickly.  You may be surprised by just how far in advance you should be looking.

And, something else to think about, we are living in the time of COVID19 right now, so all of those weddings that were supposed to happen during this lockdown are now being postponed, filling up dates that would have otherwise been available to all of you newly engaged couples.

I don’t advise picking up the phone as soon as you see the ring box.  That would be madness.  You should wait until at least the morning after.  While sipping coffee and admiring your left hand, get the right hand on your laptop.

As you are on this site (and thank you for popping over and visiting us) you are no doubt, looking for a venue with a certain uniqueness and pizazz, that will let you shine like the beasts of the anti cream that you are.  So, when you think ‘when should we book our venue?’ Think about things with your sensible head on, it makes sense to book your venue NOWish.

Once your venue is booked, everything else can wait a while, everything else will mould around the venue.  Think of the venue as the foundations of your wedding planning journey.

Speaking from experience, the average recommended time to enquire is at least one year, ideally 18 months.  WHAT?

Yes, insanity isn’t it but I am afraid that is the way it is.  I am not saying there wont be the odd weekends available still if you are hoping to book less than a year out – but you will find you might need to be a lot more flexible with your dates.  Especially if you had your hopes set on getting hitched in December, March or April.  Those months are ALWAYS the first to fill up.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to every venue, but if you don’t want to miss out, you need to get in quick.

So pop on over to our contacts page, or press in the button below to enquire about our awesomely awesome venue.


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