Rehearsal Dinner

As the evenings are getting cooler, we do have the cigar lounge & dining at the Old Barn & forest venue available to those guests staying over the Friday evening to have a casual dinner catching up together the night before the wedding. With the fireplaces roaring, with is a cozier option for those chilly Friday evenings.

Whether you decide to do a bring and braai, or you get our chefs to cater a warm hearty meal for your guests, they will be able to enjoy themselves while inside and warm next to the fires. The dining room seats 35 and we can set up tables in the lounge area for another 20, then the overflow can be next to the bonfire outside on the stoep.

We are seeing that the traditional Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding is becoming a much more popular additional option for couples and their closest friends and family to get together and meet before the formalities of the wedding the following day – like an ice breaker of sorts. When we bring our new menu out next month in June, we will include some options, especially for dinner the evening before the wedding.

Laughing guests


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