Alternative Shoe options for Brides

Not every bride is a heel tapping shoe queen who regularly wears a pair of kitten toed high heels to work, or out on the town.

The last time I wore a pair of heels I was a lot younger and comfort wasn’t a factor in my outfit choice, so I didn’t really like the idea of wearing a pair of high heels on my wedding day just because that is what you should wear with your wedding dress. Now, I like my comforts, but I still want to look cute.

So what are the options for those brides that just don’t want to wear sky scrapers on their feet?

I wore a pair of Toms on my wedding day, and I danced until 3am in them with not one blister or sore & tired soles. Toms have a great range for brides that include lace and crochet details and they come in a range of colors to fit your funky style.

Our wedding coordinator Christien wore a pair of knee high leather boots with a short wedding dress. This totally fits her personality and the fact that she had a winter wedding. There are some great ankle length cowboy boots out there with some cute details for the summer weddings. If you are getting married on a farm, this is more than suitable footwear.

My sister-in-law is wearing the infamous South African shoe Vellies on her special day, in fact her entire wedding theme is based around her shoes.

Some other options are Converse’s or funky sneakers. There are some super cute flats out there also.

At the end of the day, wear what you want. As long as it is comfortable and cute, and looks funky with your dress it will be a winner!


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