Turn your wedding coordinator into your wedding planner

You now have the option to upsize your coordinator! Not many venues include a wedding coordinator in the venue fee, which is already a huge help to our couples in their planning and communication with the venue, making everything venue related so much easier and stress-free.

We have also seen that some of our busy couples or those that are located overseas could do with more planning services to help with all of the planning processes involved with organizing a wedding. We are now offering an option to turn your wedding coordinator into your wedding planner. She will organize everything for you related to your wedding; from the bridesmaids’ dresses, decor, cake, lighting, etc, even your honeymoon. And most importantly of all, she will keep you within budget. We all know how easy it is to get off track and blow the budget – Pinterest doesn’t help!

The greatest load that the planner can take off a couple’s hands are the admin hours it takes to keep track of all of the communication and invoices from all of the suppliers. If you know this is something you wouldn’t enjoy doing yourself, contact us for more info.

End of wooden tables


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