New Forest Nature Trail

We are adding a nature trail that runs deeper through the Forest over the next couple of months. This will give the guests an opportunity to have a walk through the forest during pre-drinks and learn a little about the forest, trees, and wildlife that we have here in the Forest at De Uijlenes. Did you know that the De Uijlenes Forest was once part of Africa’s Southernmost forest, which can still be seen at the ancient indigenous forests at Platbos & Grootbos which feature trees of up to 1000 years old?

This will also add to the many photo opportunities on offer here at De Uijlenes, with the bridal couple able to have photos under some of the incredible tree formations we have here in the Forest – we have a tree that is naturally growing in an arch, there is also a Milkwood and a Poplar growing entwined together like two lovers. I can’t wait to see what photo ops these trees will create!

Not only is there an awesome canopy and trees to be seen, but we have birds and wildlife that have been seen in the forest by us and some of our staff, including:

There is probably a lot more that we just haven’t seen.

Bride & groom on forest path


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